Uwe Kalenka, Hello Neighbor...
Dear Neighbor,

I appreciate our God-given freedoms.  I'm grateful for Alaska.  I love America!  Some people say we can't say that anymore.  I say they're wrong, we can shout it from the rooftop if we want!

I'm fed up with "political correctness" and noisy, vain critics who focus only on finding fault, while ignoring the positive.  There will always be room for improvement, but when we focus solely on the negative, we risk sacrificing our core values.  Those values should remain freedom, liberty, and the rule of law.

Because I value freedom I'm opposed to "socializing" government programs.  All over the world, experience has shown it's usually very expensive and almost never works.  Even if it did work, there are always ethical problems with using government coercion.

As your state representative, I promise to be frugal with your money, and represent the values of thrift, independence and loyalty.  And I'll work hard to encourage other legislators to do the same.

I ask that you vote for me on Aug 26th and November 4th.
I know you'll like the change.

Sincerely, Uwe Kalenka



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